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Cannot Boot after wde on OSX

Created: 18 Feb 2011 | 4 comments

Hi all, my first post on the forum and would really appreciate your help!

Just bought a new MacMini and installed PGP WDE 10.1.1 on it.  After ecrypting the system drive, it won't boot.  Got help from PGP chat to download the decrypting disk to make cd to decrypt drive, same.  So I erased the entire disk and reinstalled OSX(10.6.6) and apps..etc, tried it again just in case I did something wrong, and it was the same.

Any suggestion? I am coming to the end of the line here after spending tons and tons of hours(got into a major fix with the 10.6.6 vs 10.0 issue too) in trying to get it to work. :(



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Did you erase the disk, or repartition it?  How are you encrypting (command line or GUI)?

Make sure you upgrade to 10.6.6 *before* encrypting.

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Thankyou for the reply. :)

I think I re-partitioned it with 1 partition.  Please excuse my ignorance as I am new with the Mac, but what is the difference with erasing then partition, as compared to just re-partitioning the drive.  Does it not erase everything if I am re-partitioning the entire drive(apart from not zeroing it?)

I used the PGP GUI to encrypt the drive.

And yes, after the debacle on my MBP with the upgrade to 10.6.6, I made sure that it was 10.6.6 before I encrypted the system drive on the MacMini.

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Hi there,

Is the machine binded with AD?

I have found the only way to WDE a Mac is to:

1. Install PGP Desktop - restart

2. Log on with local admin account

3. Enrol PGP with account - while the machine is still un - bound from AD

4. Encrypt the drive there and then before adding to AD

5. Restart a couple of times - should find the machine now comes up with the WDE login screen - Use the account you created

6. Then you can bind the machine back to AD

*****The only really annoying thing I've found that Symantec can't yet answer is when you install PGP Desktop and select encrypt drive for the FIRST time you get an error of 'improper initialization' - Which I can't work why!

Then you can go back in and select encrypt and it'll start doing it!



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Thankyou Leddraa.

What is AD? and how to bind and add to AD?  (I am very new to the Mac and a complete Noob. :()

I might give it another try after reading your reply.  I was just about to give up after spending hundreds of hours literally with encrypting, erasing drive, reformatting drive, restoring the system... and might just wait for Lion to arrive that incorporate WDE, especially with the dubious future of PGP WDE with the limited Symentec support.

Many thanks for your offer to help. :)