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Cannot Browse to Server

Created: 31 Jul 2013 | 3 comments

I have installed the latest agent on a new Domain Controller.

I use the same B Exec Service account for all my Servers and the other backups are working.


I get an 'failure to browse' error when I attempt to create a backup job for this DC. That error is attached.

I get another error when I go to the DC to establish the link from ther back to the media server. That error is attached.

Lastly, I try to create a bug report based on following directions I found in another post but that file is empty.

1. Stop the Remote agent service on problem machine

2. go to properties of the service. In 'start parameters' box type  -debug and click on the Start button.

3. then from the Backup server try to browse the windows server again.

4. once you get credentials error, collect the log file from problem server & post it here.

The location of the log file is C:\program files\symantec\backup exec\raws\logs folder. check the timestamp to identify log file.


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Please perform the steps from the article below and than try restablishing the trust relation.

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Please verify that the BESA has the correct rights/permissions on the problematic DC.. See the following document

When you push a remote agent to a machine the trust is automatically if you manually install the agent it will be required that you establish the trust. According to the error that you screen shoted it would appear that you might have incorrectly entered your logon credentials. Please verify that you are infact using the correct admin credentials... log out of the media server and then try logging in with the credentials that you are trying to establish a trust with. Additionally be sure to verify that the credentials being used DO have the rights that are being flagged in the error.

I hope this posting was helpful


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Are the media server and the DC in the same domain ? if they are not, then make sure that the account you are using to connect to the DC has the right credentials. DOMAIN\userid