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Cannot choose file or folder for restore

Created: 15 Mar 2013 | 10 comments

Good day!

I have one issue with Symantec Backup exec 2012. The first one:

I make backup of our DC (Windows Server 2003 R2) to tape. To backup I choose System Disk, System state and one additional disk with some information.

Afetr this I get anouther server, install ESXi 5.0 and connect streamer to it. On ESXi create two virtual machine (One with Backup exec server, second with clear Windows Server 2003 R2 to test restore from tape). Name of virtula machine and backuped server is same.

On virtual machine with Backup exec server I make "Inventory and Catalog" of streamer with tape with backuped information. On "Backup Sets" -> "Contents" I see all backuped information (File, Folders, etc...)

Then I install agent on clear virtual machine with Windows Server 2003 R2, and try to restore some information, for example some folder. Right mouse button click on this server -> "Restore" and choose "Files, folders, or volumes" -> "File and folder backup". On next windows I can see all drives but I cant choose it or open to see some information.

This situation is same for System State. Need you help!

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I think you have to select the server whare you made the backup initialy.

During the restore process you can chosse to redirect the data to a different target - that will make the switch.


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Thank for you answer!

I just want make test with situation, when all servers in remote office is crashed and I have just tape with most important information.

And I think that this is very sadly, if I can not make restore from tape on the another server. =(

Any other ideas?

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Hi Vadim,

I think you misunderstood me.

Sure you can restore to a different server.

I try to explain it once more.

The servers you can see in the "backup and restore" view are all known servers with agents and/or succesfull backups.

To restore from these backupsets the way is to select the original source server, click on restore and during the configuration process you can choose a different server as the target for the restore process:

But the first step is to select the server where the data was backuped FROM.




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Hi OP!

I understand you! But I try to test anouther situation.

As example, in remoute office I have two servers - one Backup exec server, second DomainController.

I make backup my DC on tape. Then in remoute office happened fire and I loose all my servers. I have just tape with information. So I truing it to restore on a different place, on anouther equipment.

I install NEW server Backup exec, and clear server with Windows Server 2003 R2 with same name as crushed server. Then I install agent for windows and in Backup exec console I see two servers - one is Backup exec server, second my new server with Windows 2003 R2. 

Next my step is connect streamer to Backup exec server and make "Catalog and inventory" of tape that I have. When I choose streamer I can see all data on tape:

After this I right mouse button click on this server and choose "restore" -> "Files and folders" and I can see all drives, but I cant choose it to restore:

  (test2 is backup exec server)

So I just cant reach to the step, when I can choose different location as you say on your picture!

If I try to choose "Search" instead "Restore", I can see all files and folders, but this method is inconvenient!

May be I do something wrong from beginning?


1.png 3.png 4.png 5.png
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Hi Vadim,.

thats weird!

As you can find the content via search it seems to be in den BE-database.

Can you see the backup under "backup-sets" when you select the server?



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Symantec always recommends that you use a physical machine for your media server and not a VM.  This is because you may encounter problems accessing real devices, like tape drives.  See Colin Weaver's comment in this discussion and read the documents he had referenced.

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Hi pkh,

I've asked the same question "virtualized media server with real streamer" a while ago and got a 100% different answer.

Lots of people are using it and didn't have a performance problem.

In the meantime we did it with a few installations too - NO problems at all and a good performance!



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It is still an alternative configuration. When you do hit problems, you would need to prove that the problem exists with a physical server before Symantec will look at the problem.

BTW, who provided your previous advice?

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While it might work, Symantec's stance would be as per the link pkh provided. Symantec will not support the issue unless this can be reproduced in a physical environment.

We also went down this road (I didn't want too) and while it worked initially, when the tape library (HP StorageWorks MSL2024) went down, it necessitated a restart of the host to get it while it works, great...when it doesn't, troubleshooting starts to become a problem. Take it from someone who has had first-hand experience.

I for one don't see the issue of having a VM, but it needs to be supported by VMware/MS and the backup vendors to carry some weight. At the end of the day, it would make sense to have a VM as a backup server, but then again, if you have a physical Virtual Center server or SCVMM server managing your cluster, then make that the backup server instead.


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