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Cannot connect to SEPM

Created: 14 May 2013 • Updated: 20 May 2013 | 14 comments
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One of my test SEPMs cannot be accessed using the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager nor the Web client.  I noticed that my SEPM is no longer listening on 9090 nor on 8443.  I ran a troubleshooting tool and got the following errors:

Manager Self Communications failed over port 8014.  Response - Error:  The remote server returned an error:  (503) Server Unavailable

No application is using Sql Client(semsvc.exe)'s configured port 64309 with a state of 'Established'.

No application is using Remote Management Console(SemSvc.exe)'s configured port 8443 with a state 'Listen'.

No application is using Remote Management Console Login (SemSvc.exe)'s configured port 9090 with a state of 'Listen'.

No application is using Tomcat Shutdown(SemSve.exe)'s configured port 8765 with a state of 'Listen'.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting based on this?



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What changed?

Did you reboot the box?

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I am not aware of any changes.  I did reboot the box before I posted.

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Given the number of issues here, you may be better off just performing a Disaster Recovery rather than troubleshooting the issues:

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For curiosity's sake however, I'd first check that all the SEPM services are started.

If so, then identify the Process ID for the SEPM services from Task Manager, and look for the corresponding PIDs in a netstat to see what ports they are now using (or have a look at the logs if the services are just not starting).

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Is there anything besides semwebsrv and Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager?  (Not using SNAC.)

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Only the Embedded database service off the top of my head.  Should just be those three for the SEPM alone (and that's if you're usign the Embedded DB)

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I might have figured it out.  The drive where the SEPM is installed is virtually out of space.  

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I freed up some space but the server is still not listening on 9090 nor on 8443.  Even tried rebooting.  The SEPM (semsrv) and semwebsrv are running.

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can you logon to SEPM using console ( not remote/web)?

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Hi, I cannot use the console nor the web.  Note that I am attempting this while logged into the SEPM server using the Remote Desktop client.

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if the SEPm and SEPM web services are running you should be able to login.

what is the error message?

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If the services are starting correctly, then I'd suggest following my earlier troubleshooting steps to determine what ports the SEPM is now listening on.

Alternatively, and this is my recommendation, is to perform a DR recovery (if you have a DB backup and everything) as this is likely to get the SEPM up and running sooner.

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I have decided to perform a recovery of the server.