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cannot connect (Status 25) & WIN2008

Created: 11 Jun 2009 • Updated: 17 Aug 2011 | 6 comments
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Greetings to All:

Having a little bit of an issue in trying to backup a WIN2008 - SP1 Client. I keep getting the dreaded cannot conect on socket (Status 25) error message. (Status Code 58 from the Admin Console)

I have tried pretty much everything that I know as well as what the Troubleshooting Guide has asked as well. No such luck.

Here is my environment:

NBU - 1 Master (Solaris10) (NBU -
3 Media (Solaris10) (NBU -

Client - WIN 2008 (NBU Client V - 6.5.2a

I have tried to telnet from the client to the media servers, but telnet is cut off on the client (or at least it is not installed by default.)

Will supply more info if needed. Did run the NBSU to info

Any assistance & guidance on this issue greatly appreciated.

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Try bptestbpcd -host <hostname> -verbose  

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How to test client connections using the bptestbpcd command with Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0.

Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0 supplies a new command to test connections to clients. This command is the bptestbpcd command. This command is helpful because, unlike ping or nslookup, it tests for connection to a NetBackup Client using client connection options at the NetBackup communication level. Parameter switches allow a user to target a NetBackup Client or a host. Connection using the different Client Connect Options can also be tested. Troubleshooting is made easier by including the -verbose and -debug switches.

1. From a Windows command prompt change into the <installpath>\veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd directory, or in a UNIX console window, change into the /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd directory.
2. Type bptestbpcd /? to list the command parameters.
3. Run the command bptestbpcd -client xxxx (where xxxx is a clientname) to test connection to a client.
4. To view further details, run the command bptestbpcd -client xxxx -verbose (where xxxx is a clientname).
5. To trace through the connection process, run the command bptestbpcd -client xxxx -debug (where xxxx is a clientname).

Click the Download Now link below to see a short tutorial of the process to test client connections using bptestbpcd. This tutorial contains an audio track. The tutorial was recorded in UNIX, but the NetBackup commands are the same for both Windows and UNIX.

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE OPENING THE DEMO: In the Internet Explorer window, click the red 'X' to stop loading, then press the F5 key to refresh the screen. This should allow the demo to load.

PLEASE NOTE: The attached tutorial is an .SWF file that requires the Macromedia Flash Player. If this application is not loaded on your computer, it can be downloaded from the following link: .

Download Now - 389 K
File Name: bptestbpcd_demo_277901.swf
File Type: Utility

Click Below to Browse the FTP files by Product:

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in 2008 the firewall is on by default (where pervious version were off).

We had to add the opeing of the port on the firewall to the setup instructions so netbackup could work.

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Check static routes

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Add a firewall rule on the windows 2008 box to allow all connections made by C:\Program FilesVeritas\Netbackup\bin\bpinetd.exe.

Do not try to stop firewall service thorugh services.msc on the server as it might block off every incoming connection including rdp and ping. (hardening feature of windows 2008 server if it is joined to a domain)

To enable telnet on 2008 server, see this link

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netsh firewall add portopening protocol=TCP port=13782 name="NetBackup" mode=ENABLE scope=ALL profile=STANDARD

Thanks, Karthikeyan Sundaram.