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Cannot discover new drives in NB6.5

Created: 25 Jun 2010 | 4 comments
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we are using NetBackup 6.5.5 on HP-UX systems. Master and 4 media servers are HP-UX11.31.
20 Enterprise clients (SAN media servers) are HP-UX11.23.
We have a Qunatum tape library i2000 with 36 LTO-4 tape drives. these tape drives areper 4 internally connected to I/O blades, so there are 9 I/O blades for the 36 drives.
The I/O blades arethen  connected to the SAN.
We have a lot of problems with the I/O blades, and need to reboot them almost every day. This is our first problem, but not the real issue I want to discuss here. Quantum is working on it., they do not really have a solution for the moment and hope the new I/O blade firmware (coming out in August probably) will solve this...
Anyay, in the meantime we wanted to bypass the I/O blades and and connect the tpe drive sdirectly to the SAN. We have done this a few days ago for 2 of the 9 blades to start with (so 8 tape drives are involved)
The existing tape drives were removed from NetBackup for the servers using them ( we are using SSO, sharing the tape drives), SAN FC cables removed from I/O blades, new SAN FC cables directly to tape,
zoning was modified, ioscan done on each server to redefine the tape drives in the HP-UX os.
All drives became visible in the os and are CLAIMED. so that seems fine.
But, here comes my problem, when we run the device configuration wizard, the "new" drives cannot be created. In the wizard, after the part the device scanning is done, you get the part that you see the libraries and the drives,  for a last check , if you click OK there, the devices are created in BU, media manager restarted. It is here that you see that the robot shows drives, but they are not selected and you cannot selct them.
the message for thes edrives is "attached to remote host" and when you open the properties for one of these drives it shows " Drive address xx is already occupied".
I also tried nbrbutil -resetMediaServer {servername} to release maybe some old connections to the drives, but in vain.
Someone there who has had the same problem before or any suggestions?
I mannaged to get the tape drives added to one of the media servers manualy, I checked the serial number against the device path, then they are seen by NBU, even a tape is mounted, but the server does not write on it.

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You need to ensure that the /dev/rmt/c#t#d#BESTnb entries exist at O/S level. See if they are usable with 'mt -f /dev/rmt/c#t#d#BESTnb status'.
For complete intructions regarding device config, see the Device Config Guide.
There's a chapter dedicated to HP-UX. Drive config is covered from p. 54 onwards.

Extract from p. 55:
NetBackup uses the device files to configure tape drive access. If you use device discovery in NetBackup, NetBackup discovers the device files in /dev/rmt automatically (and hence the devices). ...
Although NetBackup requires the /dev/rmt device files during configuration, NetBackup uses pass-through device files for tape drive access. For more information, see “Pass-through paths for tape drives” on page 57.

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"Drive address xx is already occupied".

Because of this error I would do some manual checking.
I take that error to mean:
Robot drive number - of you have 36 drives in the robot  each one has a robot drive number.
Look at your drive config - I would do this on the gui  Devices/Drives  and look at Robot Drive Number.
Are there any drives currently configured that have that some Drive number?
Try removing that drive and then try config again.

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"Try removing that drive and then try config again." - FTW!

remove your old drives and rescan

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Your issue sounds very simillar to the problem there.

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