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Cannot Download File

Created: 03 May 2010 | 5 comments

Why after i deploy SWG, user cannot download file such from, Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc.
When i try to download, SWG try to "Scanning File for Spyware" but always fail to scan,

Appear message as below :
Symantec Web Gateway
Scanning File for Spyware: chrome_installer_stable2.exe

9,625,584 of 9,625,584 bytes scanned.
This file is spyware-free.

We're sorry, but an error occurred while attempting to download chrome_installer_stable2.exe.

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John_H's picture


     In the past I have seen this issue and it turned out to be a simple configuration error.  Please see the info below and verify that you are configured correctly.

Make sure that the cable connected to the LAN port of the Symantec Web Gateway is connected to your switch.  This should be physically wired to the Ethernet segment that the firewall (or gateway to the Internet) is not residing.  

Make sure that the cable connected to the WAN port of the Symantec Web Gateway is connected to your firewall.  This should be physically wired to the same Ethernet segment that the gateway to the Internet is residing on. This is usually accomplished via a direct connection between the two devices.

The default gateway configured for the LAN/WAN interface resides on the Ethernet segment that the WAN port is connected to.

Static routes are configured for all internal networks and the gateway for each network resides on the Ethernet segment that LAN port is connected to. 

Sergi Isasi's picture

Actually to me this sounds like it might be a different issue... Two questions:

1) What version of SWG software are you on?
2) Is this specific to or specific URLs or is it a global issue for all downloads?


Senior Product Manager - Web Gateway

ekmycjlim's picture

I am using version 4.5.2

i try to download one of the free application at, then the download page will forward the download link to SWG page to scanning Virus. I also try to download Mozilla Firefox at, it happen the same problem, fail to scan, while it fail to scan, i cannot get the actual URL to download the file.

Error Message when try to download :


KevK76's picture

So the problem is specifically related to or and any file you try to download from these sites you have problems, or just certain files?



Sergi Isasi's picture

Hi - We've tried very hard to replicate this error in our labs but have not been able to with various browser/OS/domain combinations.  Is it possible for you to contact support directly so we can troubleshoot directly on your SWG and sort out what environmental variables we need to isolate?

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Senior Product Manager - Web Gateway