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Cannot find the option of Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network in new partition wizard

Created: 05 Mar 2012 • Updated: 07 Mar 2012 | 4 comments
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I just finished the installation of Enterprise Vault 10 and planned to evaluate its cloud storage feature via using Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network as secondary storage following the document (, but when I went to create a new partition with new partition wizard I cannot find the option - Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network as attached picture.  So could any one tell why I cannot find the option? license issue?(I put a 30-days eval lic to installed licenses folder)

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TonySterling's picture

the Nirvanix isn't going to be a primary storage device but rather you can migrate items to it.  So for example, set up NTFS as the primary partition and then configure the migrator to move the items to Nirvanix.


The Enterprise Vault Nirvanix Migrator enables migration of archived data to and retrieval from the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network™.


Refer to the attached PDF for details.


TECH162359.pdf (419 kBytes)
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to elaborate on what tony said, nirvanix is a secondary storage option whereas the screenshot from the wizard you're refering to is for the primary storage location. after you configure the primary storage device (for example NTFS) you can then go into the properties of the partition and configure nirvanix as the secondary storage device.

from the technote:

Configuring Nirvanix SDN as secondary storage

Use the Enterprise Vault Administration Console to enable and configure the

Nirvanix SDN as secondary storage.

For each vault store partition for which you want to configure Nirvanix as

secondary storage, follow these steps.

To configure Nirvanix SDN as secondary storage

1 Start the Enterprise Vault Administration Console.

2 In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand the Enterprise Vault

site hierarchy until the vault store partition from which you want to migrate

data is visible.

3 Right-click the vault store partition and click Properties. You can also

double-click the vault store partition to open the vault store partition

properties page.

4 In the Collection tab, do the following:

■ Check Use collection files to enable collection.

3 Chapter

■ Select Enterprise Vault as the file collection software.

■ Specify the daily collection times and the amount of time that must elapse

since items were archived before they are eligible for collection.

Note: For optimal performance, do not change the default collection file size.

You can also enable and configure collection when creating a new vault store

partition using the New Partition wizard.

5 In the Migration tab, do the following:

■ Check Migrate files to enable migration.

■ Select Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network as the migrator software.

■ Specify the amount of time that must elapse since a collection file was

created before it is eligible for migration.

■ Choose whether to remove the collection files from primary storage after

they have been migrated. Specify the amount of time that must elapse

since the migration before the files are deleted.

You can also enable and configure migration when creating a new vault store

partition using the New Partition wizard.

6 In the Advanced tab, configure the Nirvanix storage server

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Hello Tony & Andrew,

Thanks for your response, I think I can find the Nirvanix option. Previously, I double-clicked wrong object resulting I cannot find collection tab.

You are right, cloud storage cannot be a primary storage as there is network latency anyway, but I think if it's effecting the experience of end-user if user want to access data in cloud storage.