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Cannot install IT Analytics Cubes for SMP 7.5 HF3 (differing Regional Settings)

Created: 14 Feb 2014 • Updated: 17 Feb 2014 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear All,

I am getting an issue where I cannot create the IT Analytics Cubes in SMP 7.5 HF3 and it is slightly different to this issue:

When I go into the IT Analytics section of the Console, I see that there are available cubes to install. i run the install and it goes through in very quick time, suggesting that the server with a full CMDB has done little or nothing, but no error messages were found.

When I go to the SQL Server, I see that there are indeed NO Cubes installed. When I check the permissions on the Analysis Services, I see that the Altiris Service user is an administrator of the server. When I check the NS, I see that the regional settings are set for "British" and checking the SQL Server, I see that the regional settings are set for "US".

Looking at David Evans' fix, I see that there is a fix for SMP 7.1 and that it was fixed in SP1 in this article:

Is this still a valid fix for 7.5 or is there something else that needs to be done as well? I do not want to change the regional settings for either server, in case something bad happens.

Kindest regards,


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Contact Bay Dynamics directly, as they are most helpful.

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Thanks for the suggestion. However, Symantec Technical Support said that the issue is NOT the same (even though it looked like a duck and quacked like a duck).

They suggested that the IT Analytics OLAP database was corrupted and so told me to create a new one instead in the IT Analytics Configuration. When I did that, the cubes were created and processed successfully and my boss was VERY happy! (It was NOT a duck, afterall.)

Hope that this helps someone else.

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Same issue for the same enviroment. However I´d like to specify a detail: we are able to uninstall cubes, so it moves from the install tab to available tab. Did this also happen to you?

best regards.

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No, Rosete. When I looked into Analysis Services, I noticed that there were no cubes and I could not uninstall the cubes in the CMDB. I just created a new IT Analytics database and the system worked as normal.

What is the point of an Asset Management Solution that needs excessive management? Let me help you.