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Cannot Load Network Drivers for VM Recovery with Backup Exec 2010 System Recovery Disk

Created: 26 Mar 2014 | 6 comments

I have tried loading the NIC drivers for my VMXNET3 adapter several times, it says successfully loaded driver, but I still cannot ping, or acquire a network connection to the server where my backup image sits.

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Markus Koestler's picture

The SRD for BESR 2010 is based on Windows PE 2.1, which requires Vista/2008 drivers. -->

Try the version for those OS.

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Chris Riley's picture

Go to Network - Set Network Card Speed.

Is the NIC shown here? If not, you do not have the correct driver loaded. As Markus says, the driver must be Vista/Windows 2008 compatible and also must be 32bit.

IvanPadron's picture

I pulled these drivers from a Windows 2008 64 bit server, I am using the 32 bit drivers, and still cannot get them to load successfully.

TRaj's picture

Well the driver then needs to be confirmed with the vendor.

What is the hardware ?

You said it is VMXNET , is it a Virtual machine ?

Please check the below links

If this is a VM , it seems to be a Vmware issue.

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I was pulling the drivers incorrectly, I ran vmware tools on a seperate VM, and had it install to a directory on my C: drive per VMware's recommendation. There I was able to successfully pull the drivers for the VMXNET3 NIC.