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Cannot move items from virtual vault back to exchange

Created: 10 Oct 2012 • Updated: 16 Oct 2012 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi I am using EV 9.0.1. Whenever i am trying to move items from VV back to inbox , i am getting error "Administrative policy prevents you from movng items out of virtual vault.

I have checked the desktop policy & Users can copy items to another store is enabled.

Enterprise Vault Client (HTTP)

Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Microsoft Outlook 2010

I have attached the client trace. Made some edits

Thanks in Advance

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Did you synchronize the mailboxes after enabling copy items to another store ?

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what happens if you copy the item and not move them?
Move is a copy and delete, so its probably the poilicy set to not allow deletes

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The issue is indeed the policy. Here is the relevent part of the log explaining why the operation was prevented:

10/10/2012 16:24:17.297[ 856]: EVMSP: <Inbox> [Policy::IsOpAllowed] Operation: InterStoreItemMoveOut, Allowed: false, Store ReadOnly: false, CanReorg: true, CanDelete: true, CanArchive: true, CanRestore: false, CanIntraStoreCopy: false

Ensure you've adjusted the correct policy and synchronized the mailbox/s, remembering that an outlook restart will be required.

Looking at the top of your log, that property is currently set to No:

10/10/2012 16:23:44.532[ 856]:     VVALLOWINTERSTORECOPYANDMOVE = 0

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the response Ben. I did made sure that the policy "user can copy items to another store" is enabled.

Thnx for pointing out

10/10/2012 16:23:44.532[ 856]:     VVALLOWINTERSTORECOPYANDMOVE = 0

I believe it should be 1. I need to play with the policy again & find out whats happening.I will update you soon.

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Glad I could help. If the policy is set to the correct value, then it sounds like it's simply the target mailboxes that need to be synchronized. Also, remember that once the mailbox has been synchronized, Outlook will need to be restarted to pick up the changes.

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Hello Ben,

Tried to syn that user & restarted outlook. Still same error. I have 4 policies. Other 3 policies have this feature set to NO. I am not sure if the user was using any of these policies earlier. Can we find out a unique ID for each desktop policy from SQL ?

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Are you trying to find out which policy a user is being touched by?

If so..

In the VAC, expand your Directory, then your site, and then Targets.

Right click on 'Exchange' and click on 'Display Policies Assigned to Mailboxes'.

Hope that helps,

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What Rob said :) Check the correct Desktop Policy is assigned to the mailbox as you expect. Here's mine:

If you really like to get your hands dirty, you could do it via SQL, but there is no reason to given you can use the feature Rob described above:

From the top of the client log:

15/10/2012 08:53:36.532[3148][H]:     POLICYENTRYID = 1DCED169464C56F4485D5DD41F49640001012700ECTO1-YOUR_SERVER

Then, in SQL Management Studio:

USE EnterpriseVaultDirectory
SELECT poName, poDescription FROM [dbo].[ExchangePolicyView]
WHERE poPolicyEntryId = '1DCED169464C56F4485D5DD41F49640001012700ECTO1-YOUR_SERVER'
Report back your findings!