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Cannot open PGP Zip file

Created: 27 Feb 2014 • Updated: 12 May 2014 | 6 comments

I am receiving PGP zip files.  When I decrypt & verify the PGP Viewer opens in an Email format with an attachment.  The attachment is 0 bytes and I am unable to save it or open it or anything.

Please help.

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If you are still having the issue, can you please share us what version of PGP are you using?


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Hi there at Symantec,

I experience the same symptoms. I receive files which were encrypted using "GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio" (version 1.0.1, Windows 7, Java 1.6.0_38), using my public key created in (or, at least stored in) Symantec PGP Desktop. When I drag these files into PGP Viewer (10.2.1), it says, "No PGP content", or shows "1 attachment (0 bytes)", depending on whether the file was only signed, only encrypted, or both.

I have both a binary file, ".PGP", as well as an ASCII file, ".ASC". The ASCII file starts with
Version: BCPG b1.48

When I encrypt a file using PGP Zip and the other party's public key, they are able to decrypt. (This may be unrelated, but if I try to encrypt a message in Outlook for that person, PGP says they could not find a key for the email address.)

The other party's public key is shown as not verified in PGP Keys.

Any ideas?


Oliver Gramberg

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I found that I have this problem if the encrypted filename has "message" in it (any permutation of upper/lower case).

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I confirmed with Symantec tech support that this is a bug in Symantec Encryption Desktop version 10.3.0 (files with "message" in their name cannot be decrypted, at least without renaming the file).  The bug does not exist in 10.3.2.

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Hi Oliver,

Did you try to double click the file with .pgp extension and checked what happened? It should in general automatically decrypt it or prompt you for entering the passphrase of the private key if you have PGP Desktop installed on the system and a private key to decrypt that file.

The file with .asc extension is a pgp key file.



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Hi dclark61,

You may be right regarding the bug on 10.3.0 version. However based on Oliver's comment, I think that he is trying to open a normal pgp zip file with a PGP viewer. You get the error  "No PGP content", or shows "1 attachment (0 bytes)", when you try to do that. 

Are you running into the issue when opening a Message.pgp file with a PGP Viewer?