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Cannot relicense PGP CLI

Created: 22 Apr 2011 | 1 comment

When I try to renew my PGP CLI license on AIX 6.1 as the root user:

pgp --license-authorize --license-name "First Last"

--license-organization "Company Name"




I get:

pgp:license authorize (2706:PGP Command Line already has a license)
pgp:license authorize (3108:permission denied, force option required)

My license expires in 9 days.  For the license-number I am using the Key supplied from Syamantic Express Sales Order.  The length and form of the Key on the certicate matches the examples I have seen in the user guide.

I don't understand why the --force option is not working for me.

Any ideas?

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dfinkelstein's picture

Your invocation seems to be correct.  Make sure all the details are correct (the license number, and the associated license name and organization -- these may have changed).

The license information is stored in the preferences file PGPPrefs.xml.  You could also consider removing this file and re-licensing again.  Your keyrings can be kept and re-used.


David Finkelstein

Symantec R&D