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Cannot restore from backup

Created: 03 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

I used backup exec 2012 to backup a set of files from my server to disk based storage (usb harddrive).  I now need to restore those files to another server.  I have installed backup exec 2012 on my new server.  I can connect my usb harddrive to the server and see it as drive letter E:.  I can see the bedata folder on it. I can see the .bkf files on it.  in backup exec, I can see nothing.  I want to restore these files to this server.  I assume the first step is to setup the disk based storage becuase without any storage items, I cannot inventory of catalog the backup.  when I attempt to create disk based storage on the new server Drive letter E: is not available. 

This is a very simple situation.  files backed up with be 2012 to usb harddrive need to be restored.  how in the heck do you do that? 

there are tons of documents about restoring but none telling me how to get this backup set recognized.  Please help.

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             Im not quite sure why youre unable to create the B2d folder on your E: drive. On the second server (the one that your trying to restore files to) do you have an existing B2D folder. If so try copying the .bkf files into this folder then run an inventory, you should then be able to see and restore from them. If a folder does not exist create one and attempt to copy and inventory.

I hope this posting was helpful


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Another way is to import the existing B2D folder as a legacy B2D folder, then inventory and catalog the folder.

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Thanks for your comments guys.  when I first tried to configure storage, my E: drive was not available as a drive choice, even though windows saw it fine.  I also created a case with symantec at that time.  of course, they don't answer and have to call back later.  I could not sit and wait (as is always the case), I had to go to another customer.  Symantec called back while I was away (as is always the case).  my assistant granted symantec support remote control. I dont' know what they did, but when I returned, I was then able to see the E: drive when configuring storage.  I then could start my catalogue.  Thanks for the responses.