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Cannot restore a VM to vCenter

Created: 27 Sep 2010 | 11 comments


I'm experiencing troubles when I try to restore a VM to vCenter using the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (avvi). The error message I receive is:
“e000fe30 – A communications failure has occurred. For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-65072”

The Remote agent for windows systems gets stopped (crashes?) just before the error message pops up.

I have tried to redirect the restore to a different ESX and a different datastore with the same error message.

The machine gets registered in vCenter and the files are allocated on the datastore. The problem seem to occur when the vmdk-file shall be filled with data. I have tried both SAN, NBD and NBDSSL as transport mode without success. When I use NBD, I receive another error code too:
“e000958f – Failed to get the virtual machine disk details. For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-38287”.

I'm using Backup Exec 2010 R2 build 4164 64-bit running on Windows server 2008 R2.

Any ideas?

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Great, so I'm not the only one.  Also running Media Server v13.0 rev 4164 (64 bit), same with Admin console. 

I am trying to do a DR test restore from our CoLo location to our main office vCenter configuration.  So I'm trying either the same VM name (as it doesn't exist in this office) or a new VM name. I've tried restoring to vCenter host or to an ESX server directly.  I've tried ESX servers with local storage and SAN storage.  I've tried a v4.0x and v4.1 ESX host.  No luck at all.

Failes at byte count 23,987 or 28,052, after about 4:3x-4:5x (5 minutes or so) or 1:48.  Never gets more than 1.00MB/min and error codes are E000956F or E000957E. 

Any ideas?

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Have you checked the debug-log (Tools -> Support Utilities -> Run the Debug Monitor for active debugging)?

One of the last lines starting with "BEREMOTE:" always contain:
"SymVmTools: CreateSnaphot(1): SYM_VMC_ERROR: FAILED_TO_GET_MOR_BY_NAME" or something similar.
I found that MOR stands for Managed Object Reference, but i cannot understand why it fails.

If I'm not totally off, beremote is the the service that crashes during the restore.

Do you have the same errors in your log?'s picture

Our customer have the similar problem with resoring VM (vSphere) on the BE 2010 R2. Screenshot is in attachment.

Is somebody fix this problem?

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Anybody resolve this problem???'s picture

Is somebody fix this problem? 

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i got exactly the same problem.

Just after creating the vmware to restore on the virtual center and just at the begging of sending restore data the remote agent stops working.

this happens using both network and san connection to the virtual center.

Please resolve this because by now restore vmware is unworking

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have you tried restoring direct to one of your ESX hosts instead of the vCenter?

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I have the same problem, beremote.exe crashes when restore starts.

I tried to redirect restore to one of ESX hosts (changed resource credentials) and it works but this in not very useful because you cannot restore from incremental backup, only from full VM backups.

Another problem is that when you restore machine in this way it is not the same machine anymore, it changes mac address on vNIC and OS reconfigures IP addresses so you have to reconfigure it in OS.

Is there a fix for this problem? I would really love to restore machines by connecting to vCenter and to be able to restore from incremental backups

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I have exactly the same problem with crash of beremote.exe when I restore VM. It is exactly the same thing if I restore via VCenter or via ESX !

The problem come exactly after this in my log file :

>SymVmTools: WaitForTaskCompleteWithTimeout: Waiting for 180 seconds for task to >complete
>BEREMOTE: [01.12.10 13:33:36] [2856]     [fsys\vmvcb]         - >VM_VCBPROXY_FS::createSnapshotForRestore() specified Transport mode priority list: >'san:nbd:hotadd:nbdssl' for the vm '/vmmor/vm-7994'
>BEREMOTE: [01.12.10 13:33:36] [2856]     [fsys\vmvcb]         - >VM_VCBPROXY_FS::createSnapshotForRestore() creating a snapshot 'SYMC-FULL-01-12->2010 13:33' for the vm '/vmmor/vm-7994'
>BEREMOTE: [01.12.10 13:33:36] [2856]     [fsys\vmvcb]         - SymVmTools: >CreateSnapshot(1): SYM_VMC_ERROR:  FAILED_TO_GET_MOR_BY_NAME
>BEREMOTE: [01.12.10 13:33:38] [2856]     [fsys\vmvcb]         - >VM_VCBPROXY_FS::CreateSnapshot: failed, result = 0XE
>BEREMOTE: [01.12.10 13:33:38] [2856]     [fsys\vmvcb]         - >VM_VCBPROXY_FS::createSnapshotForRestore() failed, result = 0XE0009574

Rarely, the restore is OK ! Well when the restore is OK, there isn't these "error line" with create snapshot...

Please this is a big problem for us ! I hope symantec try to resolve it quickly !!!

If you have a solution...


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I am getting frustrated by this issue and Symantec seems to do nothing about it. The least they can do is confirm that it is some kind of bug and that they are working on a fix or something.

The only restore that does work is redirected restore to a folder, which is a very cumbersome option. Because afterwards you have to copy the restored files to the ESX(i) host by hand, which takes a long time because the VMDK files tend to be pretty large.

Eagerly waiting for a fix!

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