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Cannot run FSA Reporting scan manually, how to DTrace an FSA File Server Target

Created: 05 Nov 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Busy deploying FSA Reporting

EV 9.0.2

EV Email Archving server with SQL DB for EV

EV File Archiving Server hosting Vaults and Task for FSA

Win 2008 Clustered File Server FSA Target. FSA Agent installed (manually on both nodes)

Configured FSA Target Server, 1 Volume, 1 Archive point.

Enable FSA reporting on FSA Target & Volume

Hit Run FSA Reporting Scan on FSA Target Server in the EVAC.

Nothing happens. Reporting status doesn't change, "Stop Scan" options remain greyed out.

Follow FSA REPORTING Trouble Shooting guide.

No Reverse DNS lookups, - fix that

Try Again  - no joy.

Troubleshooting guide talks about running DTrace on the FSAReportingService - Where is this???? I don't see it on either of the EV Servers as an option in the DTrace list.

They also mention DTrace on the "FSA Agent" Computer, and to "Enable DTrace for the FSA Reporting Service."

AFAIK DTrace is installed as part of the EV server installation and is not present on an FSA AGent computer.

There is no Enterprise Vault program folder in the Start Menu from which to run DTrace????


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you would dtrace FSAReportingService on the EV Server
So on the EV Server go to Start -> Run -> type "cmd" and press Enter -> CD to your EV directory
Type "DTrace" and press Enter, then type "set FSAReportingService v" and press enter -> then type 'log C:\FSAReportingTrace.txt' and press Enter then reproduce the issues per the troubleshooting document

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OK got the DTrace going on the FSA Target File Server, (a 2 node win 2008 failover cluster) with the FSA Agent.

Try and run the Scan, and I get this in the DTrace Log

1    08:47:49.203     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:L    CFSAReporting::get_Servers method called  |
2    08:47:49.203     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:H    CFSAReporting::get_Servers .The server collection is empty. Returning false
3    08:47:49.312     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:L    CFSAReporting::get_Servers method called  |
4    08:47:49.312     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:H    CFSAReporting::get_Servers .The server collection is empty. Returning false
5    08:48:11.122     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:L    CFSAReporting::get_Servers method called  |
6    08:48:11.122     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:H    CFSAReporting::get_Servers .The server collection is empty. Returning false
7    08:48:11.216     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:L    CFSAReporting::get_Servers method called  |
8    08:48:11.216     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:H    CFSAReporting::get_Servers .The server collection is empty. Returning false
9    08:48:13.961     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:L    CFSAReporting::get_Version method called
10    08:48:13.961     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:L    CFSAReporting::get_Version method leaving
11    08:48:16.099     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:L    CFSAReporting::get_Servers method called  |
12    08:48:16.099     [1608]    (FSAReportingService)    <1624>    EV:H    CFSAReporting::get_Servers .The server collection is empty. Returning false

THere doesn't seem to be any directly relevant content in the KB regarding this, a slightly related item regarding Target Server FQDN, but that give a different specific error.

I have a case open with support and they are investigating.

Anyone seen anything like this?

John Gowing - Symantec EV Exchange STS

DFA Solutions

Cape Town

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Suspecting that this may be a permissions thing, I re-ran the Reporting Config utility, and then the scans ran perfectly, and I now have populated reports.

John Gowing - Symantec EV Exchange STS

DFA Solutions

Cape Town