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Can't access Enforce server Console

Created: 25 Aug 2010 | 1 comment

Did some maintenance patching on the Linux (Red Hat) server I have the Enforce Server running on, but after rebooting and restarting the services, I can't get back into the console. I typed in the https:\\<location> and it comes up as unable to connect (no login screen).

I verified all the services were restarted:

./ start

./ start
./ start
./ start
./ start

Did I overlook something? It's been awhile since actually had to fool with the services and console.

Thanks in advance.

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Daniel Juliano's picture

Make sure that IPTABLES is running on your LInux box. That will redirect connections from port 443 to port 8443 since Linux doesnt allow low port binding with non-root privileges.  If IPTABLES isnt running you can try connecting direclty to 8443 (the port Vontu Manger listens on) by modifying your url - https://enforce:8443

I'm not sure what patching you've done on the LInux box but you should make sure that SELINUX hasnt been enabled after your patching. It is required to be disabled for the DLP products to work properly.

Finally, you can review the Vontu Manger log in /var/logs/Vontu/tomcat/localhost.<date>.log. You might get an idea of what the problem is through there.