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Can't add tapes to ATL

Created: 28 Sep 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments

We are running NBU 5.1 MP2 on Windows 2003 and using an IBM 3584 ATL. We were using 'Inventory Robot' to adding 10 scratch tapes into the ATL and it stopped working after the 4th one. The message is something like 'failed media move to slot (218)'. If we eject the tape in slot 218, the move works again for that one slot but not for any other slots. 'vmcheckxxx' shows plenty of empty slots. We can use the robot interface to manually add tapes and then use 'Inventory Robot' to get things in sync.

Any suggestions?

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It may be an issue with there robot where the picker isn't calibrated quite right on that slot. Try loading all but that one slot.

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Slot 218 seems to be fine. We can move tapes to it and eject tapes from it. NBU won;t add anymore tapes once that slot is used.

The messages we get is "Cannot move from media access port to slot (218)".

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This is what netbackup gives for a 218 error. kinda interesting

1. On a UNIX server, verify that the NetBackup Database Manager (bpdbm) process is running. On a Windows server, verify that the NetBackup Database Manager service is running.
2. Attempt to view the policy configuration by using the NetBackup administration interface.
3. For detailed troubleshooting information, create debug log directories for nbproxy and bpdbm on the master server and retry the operation. Check the resulting debug logs. Also check the nbpem logs using the vxlogview command.
Ensure that the correct master server is being specified for the connection.

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I would make sure auto cleaning is turned off and the latest device mapping file is being used:

Sr. Product Manager, NetBackup


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We found a tape in the ATL that both the ATL and NetBackup didn't know about. We ran multiple inventories but both never saw it. It was an older tape so we assume the barcode label is good. Used robtest to eject the tape and everything is working again.

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Thanks for the followup.

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