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Can't add Windows Machine to Favorite resource

Created: 08 Feb 2012 | 12 comments

Hi all,

I need a solution. I have upgrade Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3 to SP2 version.

Now I have a problem, all my favorite Windows machines became with yellow triangle and part of them emptied from Favorite resource.

When I try to add machine to favorite resource by "right click > add windows system > and enter windows machine with right credential" the system show successful window, but the machine does not appear in favorite resource after long time (more then 4 hour).

I tried to update agent on client machines from media server, but got massage that no update need.

Does somebody had the same problem and how resolve it?

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Restart the media server if you can and try again. If this doesn't work, try removing the RAWS agent from a server and push-installing it to that server once more...


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Check whether there are any outstanding alerts.

There is no need to add machines to Favourites.  They will automatically appear there when you start to back them up.  You can select your machines by expanding the your domain.

Make sure that you are using a domain admin id to login to BE and do your backups.

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Thank you for your reply,

I rebooted my media server several times, but id did not help.

I install agent on new server which I'm going backup, but it did not appear too.

Any Ideas?

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OK...can you see the servers in your selection list and browse them? If you can, then they are publishing correctly. If not, then it is possible that an AV or firewall is blocking comms between the media server and the remote server. You can then open up the firewall/AV and make the necessary changes to allow communication to flow.

Just make sure the RAWS agent is started on a remote server giving you hassles...

Check the TN below on which ports need to be opened:

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I guess its a know issue after upgrade


The yellow exclamation mark means that that media server has not received "publishing information" from the remote agent  within 60 minutes

The publishing option is an option you can set on each remote agent. By default when you push the agent from the media server(therefore it appears in the Favorite Resources node

You should first update the remote agent on the all the remote machines which you are backing up .

refer the

Abstract from the above document

Backup Exec automatically deletes a remote computer from the Windows Systems node in the following situations:

  • The remote computer becomes disconnected from the network.

  • The Remote Agent is uninstalled from the remote computer.

If the media server receives published information from the remote computer again, Backup Exec adds the computer name to the Windows Systems node again.

If the media server does not receive published information within a 24-hour period, a user attention icon appears next to the remote computer's name. This icon is displayed for 13 days.

CraigV's picture wasn't an upgrade to BE 2010 R3 from another was an upgrade to SP2.

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Can you select those servers when you expand your domain?

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Can I know the reason Why I am mark down here ??

I guess the document documetn I referred has the workaround for the same

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No, I have not any alert in log on media server.

Backup goes with schedule, but machine don't appear in favorite resource.

Today, on the official site Symantec I could not find link to SP2. Today morning I see this link, but it did not work. Now, I could not find this link!

Any idea?

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Hi all

May be somebody know which port and protocol use client machine to register on media server?

Reply on questions:

All machine can select from domain properties.

I can't to change some exiting selection list because I can't brows machine in favorite resource.

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Hi Vlad,

Not sure why nobody replied here, but if you haven't come right you can check the ports on the link below:   


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If possible, uninstall SP2 from Add/Remove programs...SP2 was re-released after few days which is why you prolly were't able to find the link in the interim...

After un-install, re-apply SP2 & update RAWS as well