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Can't "associate with media set"

Created: 06 Aug 2012 | 7 comments

This is a new installation of BE 2012.  When I right-click on a tape the option for "associate with media set" is grayed out.  Why is that?

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Possible obvious - have you created any media sets yet?

No insult intended...

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No, not insulted.  Yes, that was the first thing I did was create two media sets.

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Please check below link ,which describes how to do it in BE2012,



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Yes, those were the instructions included with BE.  I followed those.  It's grayed out.

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Try an inventory operation on media and see if that enables the option to assoicate with media set.

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The tapes which your mentioning are any DISK Cartridges like RD-X or RD 1000 ???

If so then check with this article

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You are replying to a 2 months old discussion???