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Can't Catalog tapes

Created: 03 Jun 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

   This is a little involved:  We need to do an Exchange restore from a backup of a mail server that has been replaced, that was backed up using LTO2 drives that have also been replaced with LTO4 drives.  
     Our production BE 11d server does not have the disk space required to perform the restore (granularity was enabled on the backup), and has nether internal drive bays open, or a slot open for an external raid controller to add space.   To get around this I have temp usage of a bigger server, which I have installed BE on to do these restores, and a temp mail server in it's own AD forrest to use as a target.
    Here's the problem: I inventoried the needed LTO2 tapes sucessfully, but the first catalog attempt errored out after byte count of 325,000,000 with this:
   Error : e0000900 - The requested media is not listed in the media index and could not be mounted. To add the media's catalog information to the disk-based catalogs, run an inventory operation on the media and resubmit the Catalog operation.

   I then discovered that the option for "storage based" catalogs was enabled.  I disabled that option and reran the inventory and catalog. The inventory completed, but the catalog errored out with a byte count of zero with this error:

  Error category : Job ErrorsError : e0008105 - Invalid Physical Volume Library Media Identifier.

I have been able to inventory and catalog an LTO 4 tape as test, but none of the LTO2s have completed the catalog process.   Using the existing catalogs on the regular BE server  we have used the same LTO4 drives to restore from LTO2 tapes. 

            Any ideas on how to proceed would be helpful.  The ideal thing would be a way around the need to add disk to the regular media server. I we knew that a mail restore would require almost a TB of disk, it would not have gone on the current hardware ( that strike me as an insane requirement!). Failing that, how do I get the catalogs into the new temp server?

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An Ultrium drive is expected to read data from a cartridge in its own generation and at least the two prior generations.
An Ultrium drive is expected to write data to a cartridge in its own generation and to a cartridge from the immediate prior generation in the prior generation format.

So i guess LTO4 should be able to read information from LTO2