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Can't create initial client deployment packages

Created: 27 Feb 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment


I have a SBS2003 R2 system up and running, trying to install SEPM.

Problem encountered is that after following the SBS Best Practices document to the letter, and my own custom settings numerous times, I get stuck on the initial 'Creating client install package....' stage, every time. I've left the system running overnight and when coming back in the morning the state is the same.. still 'Creating client install package' with the blue progress bar pacing back and forth.

System is an IBM x3650 2x quad core, 4GB RAM, lots of hdd space, lots of free memory, and barely being utilized.

There are no processes that indicate any work is being done (msiexec shows up but without any change in CPU usage or memory usage).

Any ideas? Is there any other way to create these install packages?

Driving me nuts!


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Woot, managed to get around it.

Turns out that i was having errors starting up the SEPM service, due to the java -1 error as described here:

Since we are running the SBS03 website (OWA etc) in SSL, I went and adjusted the Symantec-related folders to not require SSL, and voila, it worked. Never figured to look here, assumed that the SEPM would prefer to run in SSL rather than not..

Folders that needed adjusting:

Still having issues with Home, Monitors, and Reports pages in SEPM, however I recall a post somewhere else that dealt with this specifically.

Since I can now run SEPM I can deploy the client packages from there, making my first post obsolete.

Happy hunting.