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Can't decrypt

Created: 09 Apr 2013 • Updated: 09 Apr 2013 | 2 comments

I am trying to decrypt a disk so I can uninstall PGP. I'm using the command line tool. When I do status, I get: C:\cant\Photos>t:PGPwde.exe --disk 0 --status Warning: PGPwde is running in restricted environment. Some features are disabled Disk 0 is instrumented by bootguard. Current key is valid. volume C is encrypted Total sectors: 234436482 highwatermark: 234436482 Failed login attempt lockout enabled. Max failures=99 Request sent to Disk status was successful When I then try to decrypt, I get Warning: PGPwde is running in restricted environment. Some features are disabled Request sent to Start decrypt disk was successful Can someone help me with getting the decrypting done? Also, how can I find our what features are disabled? Could this be a problem? Thanks.

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Hi Jim,


Go to PGP Desktop>help>license

You will get information about which all featire activated to you installed PGP Desktop. Sicne you are getting output for PGPwde.exe --disk 0 --status, I belive Whole disk encryption feature is included however it looks like user to whom this disk is encrypted does not have decrypt permissions / running with restircted local resources.



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Is this a managed desktop client? If so, are you enrolled to the PGP Universal/Symantec Encryption Management server?

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