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Can't delete old backups

Created: 22 Dec 2012 | 2 comments

Hello. Backup Exec 2012 on 2008 R2. I have configured my backups to disk to be kept for two weeks. All backups are supposed to be fully independant FULL backups. No inrementals, no differentials.

For some reason, backups of one server are being kept for six weeks and longer, resulting in loss of disk space. When I try to delete the old backups, I get this message: "Other backup sets depend on backup set Full (11/3/2012 7:49 pm). backup set Full (11/3/2012 7:49 pm) can not be deleted unless the dependant backup sets are also deleted"

Then the message requires that I delete ALL of my backup sets including the very lastest one 12/21/2012 just to delete the oldest one from 11/03. I am totally mystifed by this because the backups are full, not incremental or differential,  yet they are all somehow dependant on each other but I cannot figure out why.

Some of the backups in question have "excepetions." if that makes a difference (not "successful."

Thanks for you help.


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Is this an upgrade from a previous BE version ? Please share the screenshot as well. Also confirm if this Issue is with just one server ?


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This seems like an issue where the backup sets not getting over written  but this is fixed in the SP1

the behaviour that you are explaining here is little peculiar if its happening  only with one server

I can actually suggest you a work around for this issue for time being but i would suggest you to contact the tech support for better solution

1) Follow the article

2) The above article will enable you to see the BKF files for those backup sets

3) As you are informing that you face problem while deleting the backup set from the console as they are getting displayed as dependent on one another

 I am suggesting you this workaround as you need some space freed up on your disk storage for the backups to run

The issue that you are facing right now seems little complex one and needs better analyzing so its better if you contact the tech support