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Can't get SBS to fully install on Windows Server 2008 R2 Site Server

Created: 17 Oct 2013 | 8 comments

Hi,  I have an issue where I have 1 site server which is windows server 2008 r2 and the SBS will not fully install.  The Network Boot Service installs and shows green in the site server settings page but the images never download to this PC (There is no Imaging folder, etc under the SBS folder).  I have 3 other PXE servers that work fine,  but they are all windows server 2003.  Also this server does not show up under PXE Configuration Status page. 

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did you installed the package server role to the site server?


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I'm "assuming" this is in DS 7.1, but you do need to specify this now that we have two VERY different releases and troubleshooting is very different.

Assuming this is DS 7.1, then you need to un-set the "hasSBSRegistered" registry key and cycle the services to force it to check in and become active.

Remember too that in 7.1 you MUST have package services on the box, and Task, or images wont download.  In 7.5 this is a different issue, and you don't need to have the images there, because they'll be on the package servers.  IF this is a package server, those images will be under the package agent, not DS agent - again, in 7.5

Finally, if you're worried about the preboot images (which I was not discussing in the above paragraph), then the system MUST be considered a PXE server (hence in that page) or bootwiz will never fire to build them.

So, there's a head-start.  GL!!

Thomas Baird
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Hi,  This is for DS 7.5.  The server is a package server, task server, and also supposed to be a SBS (PXE) server.  Everything seems to be installed, but it just won't register as a PXE server for some reason.

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On site Server in question, check the installation status of the Deployment Site Server components which is located on the Software Delivery tab.

If it shows failed, I would try to rerun the installer manually.

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This is Installed.  I also tried reinstalling it manualy.  The install runs and finishes fine.  The only issue I see if that this server is not listed as a PXE server on my Notification Server PXE Status console.  Is there a way to manually add it?

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Check the filter named "Computers with NBS Site Service Installed" located in

Settings\Notification Server\Site Server Settings\Network Boot Service\Advanced

Is your site server listed?

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Did you ADD it as part of a site service?  It must be added just as you do Task and Package.  It is NOT installed as a policy as it was in 7.1.  NONE of the visible policies control it, and it does NOT require Task and Package to be installed to be added.

If you did, try removing it, let the policy kick, and re-add it.  If it finally shows up as PXE, verify the services are still around.  We've seen it show up as a PXE server without the services running.  in those cases, you need to re-run the installer manually, and the services will stick.

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!