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Can't Image new HP Laptops...

Created: 10 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

I'm trying to create images for new HP Laptops that we have, however the laptops won't connect to the GhostCast Server. I can create new images on new HP Desktops though. I'm using a USB drive and I added the network drivers using the boot wizard. I'm using Ghost 11.5.1.

Thank you

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Is your USB drive booting DOS or WinPE?  If DOS, then try WinPE as we are seeing a lot of DOS users getting into problems with new HP machines not connecting.  If posting back, please advise which chipset the HP is using for networking - if it is the 82579, then I would also suggest entering 82579 into this forum's search engine and reviewing the many postings this chipset has spawned, and the several links to drivers that have been found to work.

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I tried running both DOS and WinPE but both do not work. It is the 82579L however why would the desktop computers work and the laptops do not?

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If the desktops and laptops used 100% identical hardware and 100% identical bioses then I would be wondering why desktops work and laptops don't.

However, the fact is that desktops and laptops have substantial hardware differences due to the power available to drive the hardware - ie mains v battery. So it is likely that both the bioses and the chipsets are different and therefore there may also be differences in the drivers required as different memory and IO port locations may be used to interface with the chipset.

So it's really up to you to determine which drivers WILL work on your laptop hardware. Good luck!

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