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Can't log in netbackup java GUI

Created: 07 Jan 2013 • Updated: 08 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I am pretty new to netbackup, currently experiencing a problem when launch netbackup java GUI on a client (jbpSA) for a restore, I couldn't log in with my unix password, some errors in the logs :


Connecting to vnetd service over PBX port = 1556
ServerInterface:Logon:Exception encountered null
ServerInterface:Logon - Initial host:null, Current, MS port:0, VNETD:13724, m_intPort:0, localPort:0, range use:false
Can not connect to the NB-Java authentication service via VNETD on on port 13724.  Exception:

In PBX logs, saw something like:


2,50936,103,103,956421,1357618499957,5372,140597618714432,0:,38:PBX_Manager:: handle_input with fd = 7,0:,0,(0|)
2,50936,103,103,956422,1357618503601,5372,140597618714432,0:,33:hand_off looking for proxy for = ,0:,0,(0|)
2,50936,103,103,956423,1357618503992,5372,140597618714432,0:,15:No proxy found.,0:,1,(0|)
2,50936,103,103,956425,1357618530930,5372,140597618714432,0:,38:PBX_Manager:: handle_input with fd = 7,0:,0,(0|)
2,50936,103,103,956426,1357618530930,5372,140597618714432,0:,62:PBX_Client_Proxy::parse_line, line = port=what  From,0:,0,(0|)
2,50936,103,103,956427,1357618530930,5372,140597618714432,0:,25:Sending port number 56355,0:,0,(0|)
2,50936,103,103,956429,1357618530930,5372,140597618714432,0:,38:PBX_Manager:: handle_input with fd = 9,0:,0,(0|)
2,50936,103,103,956448,1357618530970,5372,140597618714432,0:,44:A registered PBX service vnetd has shutdown.,0:,0,(0|)


I've checked pbx daemon is running, but seems vnetd/bpcd can't talk to pbx proxy properly by looking at the error message. I am using netbackup 7.1.0, os is ubuntu 12.04. My Redhat boxes don't have this issue with same version of netbackup client.

Can anyone please give me some hints what's wrong with it? Thanks in advance.

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what the Netbackup version  of Master and client? and your java console version?

what is the OS version of the Master and the Client from where you are tying to brinig up the Java GUI?

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Please have a look on page 62 in NetBackup 7.x Operating System Compatibility List. Ubuntu is not listed.

Initiate restore on your master server instead.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

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Restore from CLI

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bprestore --
USAGE: bprestore [-A | -B] [-K] [-l | -H | -y] [-r] [-T]
      [-L progress_log [-en]] [-R rename_file] [-C client]
      [-D client] [-S master_server] [-disk_media_server media_server]
      [-t policy_type] [-p policy] [-k "keyword phrase"] [-cm] [-drs]
      [-md] [-dd] [-td temp_dir] [-F file_options] [-copy copy_number]
      [-s mm/dd/yyyy  [HH:MM:SS]] [-e mm/dd/yyyy  [HH:MM:SS]]
      [-w [hh:mm:ss]]
      [-BR sharepoint_redirected_portal | sharepoint_redirected_teamsite]
      [-spsredir_server sharepoint_redirected_hostname]
      [-granular_restore] [-priority number]
      [-spsverkeep <0|1|2>] [-spscurver] [-spsignorelock] [-spspreserveiis] [-spsrestoresecurity]
      [-vhd_fn VHD_file_name -vhd_type VHD_type -vhd_dsize VHD_Disk_Size -vhd_dof VHD_Delete_On_Failure(0/1)]
      -f listfile | filenames
EXIT STATUS 144: invalid command usage

CLI is working everywhere ;)

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Thanks for your responses.

I had a look at the compatiblity list, seems they have added client support on Ubuntu 11.10 x86-64 in Netbackup 7.1 and Ubuntu12.04 in Netbackup 7.5, but not mention Ubuntu 12.04 on Netbackup 7.1. Not sure if it's still a compatibility issue.

My manager seems prefer using Java GUI although I recommend CLI.

Thanks again.

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So, what you have to do first is upgrading your NetBackup to 7.5.

BTW, GUI is not supported on some platform even if the client on this platform is suppored. Please check pge 62 "NetBackup Administration Consoles" in OS compatibility list. Ubuntu is not listed here, so any gui incluing "Backup, Archive, and Restore"(BAR - jbpSA) is not supported on Ubuntu. Consider to use following alternatives.

  • initiate restore on master server
  • use bprestore command
  • deploy OpsCenter, and initiate restore on it.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

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Thanks Yasuhisa,  I think we will use CLI before upgrade to 7.5.