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Can't mount PGP whole encrypted HDD via SATA-USB adapter.

Created: 15 Jun 2013 • Updated: 15 Jun 2013 | 4 comments
I mount whole encrypted HDD from my laptop (via SATA-USB adapter) on other PC (with PGP Desktop installed).
But the whole encrypted HDD can't be found in Disk management. The other HDD via the SATA-USB adapter can be mounted.
Is there any solution? Thanks a lot.
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Can you detect and find the drive in BIOS?

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Yes, I can find the drive (via SATA-USB adapter) in BIOS and WinXP Device Manager as the name "USB2.0 SATA Device". But can't boot via SATA-USB adapter.

The HDD Volumes infomation in WinXP Device Manager (via the SATA-USB adapter) is Type: Unknown, Status: Not initialized, Partition style: Not applicable, Capacity 152628MB with no volumes.

The HDD Volumes infomation in WinXP Device Manager (via laptop directly) is Type: Basic, Status: Online, Partition style: MBR, Capacity 152624MB with 3 volumes.

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I have a very similar problem. My encrypted laptop disk, not booting into Windows anymore, is listed using WDE Recovery CD opening Advanced tab, but not pluging the disk into the desktop computer (PGP Desktop installed) via SATA-USB adapter. It doesn't show up in GUI, nor in command line pgpwde --enum, although it appears on OS level.

Is tedious decryption from CD the only choice then, or is there still a chance to fix the disk from PC?

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The problem was caused by the Hama SATA-USB adapter HW. Mounting the disk into a decent external disk enclosure resolved the issue and I'm able to access the disk.