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Can't print daily Calendar in Outlook after mailbox is archived

Created: 09 May 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments

I have a couple of users that after their mailbox was archived they are having issues printing their daily calendar.
When they choose file /print from their calendar they receive an Enterprise Vault popup message:
"The selected items will be sent to your default printer. Do you want to continue?"
If you select yes nothing prints.

Normally when you select file/print from your calendar you receive the Print Options.
If I open these user's mailboxes within my Outlook and try to print their calendar I also receive the pop up message. But I can print fine from my own calendar.

We are not archiving any Calendar items either

The issue appears to be tied directly to the user's calendar system folder and not an Outlook profile.

Anyone heard of this?

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Michael Bilsborough's picture

Yes, fixed in V6 sp2 client

This from the v6 sp2 updates.htm
"Printing a calendar page with vault items on it results in inaction
In Outlook, if you opened the Calendar in Week or Month view and then tried to print a view that contained one or more archived items, nothing would be printed.
This has been fixed."

Kathy Dean's picture

Thank you.

Our servers were upgraded to V6 SP2. Does something need to be upgraded on the client side?

Michael Bilsborough's picture

yes, like I say fixed in the v6 sp client.

Try it and see if problem remains, it shouldn't.

Micah Wyenn 2's picture

Be sure to uninstall the existing client, then reboot, and install the new client. If that doesn't work, search the vault for the "nuclear option" and follow those instructions.