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Can't Rename Offline Media - Any Update?

Created: 09 Dec 2013 • Updated: 15 Jan 2014 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I've read a number of posts from other users who also have this issue, where you can't rename media unless it's in the tape drive. According to the following article it's a know issue,

However the last update to this article was June 20th 2012, so 18 months ago, and still no resolution! Please can someone from Symantec Tech Support update it, or let us know if there is likely to be an update/patch/hotfix soon?

It really is an annoying issue when you take media offsite for regulatory compliance, and then need to rename the media.



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Are you trying to rename the media label or the description, the technote you quoted appears to be related to the description and it appears that we currently have no active cases within support which resulted in the issue being put on a very low priority. If you do want to edit the media decription whilst media is offline, then please log a case

Note1 : We do have another issue relating to media decriptions not beiong maintained during overwrites which can be changed with a reg key ( )

Note2 : We also do have a issue with renaming the tape labels whilst media is offline which is intended to be fixed in BE 2012 R2 (release sometime next year) This issue was found during the beta program for 2012 SP2 and as such does not appear to have a corresponding technote.

EDIT: Note3: Do not try to relabel tape based media if you are using barcodes as the barcode always becomes the label.

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm trying to update the Media label, although the description would also be useful! See the attached screenshot, when I change the media label from LTO00003 to WEEKLY01, I can't click apply!

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Yep that is the issue that a customer testing the pre-release of SP2 reported to us.

We are intending to fix in BE 2012 R2 (scheduled for release sometime next year) and currently have no plans to address in BE 2012 itself.

If you decide to contact Symantec more formally (outside the forums) about this issue then please quote eTrack 3206679

EDIT: minor point perhaps but if you are relabelling media for auditing purposes then be aware that labels MUST be unique and that if we fix this offline issue, the tape itself will not know it's new name until it is re-used - so running an inventory on a different server would show the old name.