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Can't restore a file after BE2012 reinstall

Created: 14 Jan 2013 | 6 comments

We had a 30day copy of the software on one of our servers, the trial ran out and since we were getting ready to implement a new backup solution another tech uninstalled the software.  Well he jumped the gun, because the install got pushed back and now I need to restore a file from this server.  We purchased a license and installed BE.  I can see the storage media (local disk) used for the backups but when I try to do a restore all I get is the box that says "which type of data from server (name of our server here) do you want to restore?  And then nothing.  There is nothing in the box, not even the date boxes to select from.  I've Inventoried and Cataloged the disk the backup files are on already and didn't get any errors so I assume that went okay.  I'm stumped here, anyone have any ideas?

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Did you install the licence in BE?  You should have a..slf file.

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1) Have you tried doing an inventory and catalog of the media?

2) Check that you have set the date range above the selection window to big enough to encompass the backup set.

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like I said in the original post, I did do the inventory and catalog, and got no errors so I guess it went through okay.  And there are no date range boxes.

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Are you just restoring some files or some databases ? Also is BE patched with the latest hotfixes ?

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In addition to above, try removing & re-adding the server in the Backup & Restore tab..If added using IP address,  try readding it via FQDN name or vice-versa & recheck the restore.