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Can't sort Service Categories

Created: 10 Oct 2013 | 3 comments

I have used the arrows to move Service Categories up and down in the list but it doesn't make a difference where they are, they keep displaying in the order created.  This seems like an old bug.  Is there a work around?

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I just noticed all items listed on the left hand side of the WinUser page are sorted by DB order instead of by their Ordinal values (Service Categories) or Rank (Tasks).  Tasks are sorted in order of most recently edited so that most recent is on the bottom and least recent on the top.

I reviewed the code in the subServiceCatalog.ascx and it doesn't seem to be looking at Rank or Ordinal values directly(but I am not a coder so I may just be missing it).  It does run some SQL queries so maybe there is a stored procedure that is missing or that needs to be run?

PeeGee's picture

Sorry to say, you are not "missing something" here, but instead the code is missing something.

Whenever items need to be sorted or filtered, they are called through the dbo.query table. There you can find all other queries and the according sql code. Modifying sorting orders in here, allows you to manipulate the output.

Anyway for the Service Categories there does not seem to exist any queries in that table, so without coding effort to change the current code and extending that table, sorting for the ServiceCatalog is not possible.

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That is odd since they have the whole interface for Service Categories built to allow moving them up and down to change the Ordinal value and they have the Rank field in the Tasks.  I have one of my code oriented guys looking at the subServiceCatalog.ascx to see if he can find the data path.  If we are lucky we will find the StoredProcedure or whatever it is using so we can change the Order By.