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Can't Update Ghost Suite Using LiveUpdate

Created: 14 Jul 2010 | 2 comments

I see that has been in a few other posts but none of them were open as far as I could see. Anyhow....

I am having a problem extracting a rather large PST from a Ghost backup (almost 2gb file). When Ghost Explorer extracts the PST, the file does get fully extracted but then immediately gets turned into a 4kb file. When I look at the size right before it finishes I can see that the file is close to the 2GB file that is in the backup, but I've tried several times and several different ways to extract it, all with the same outcome. I even tried re-compling the backup into one large backup gho (so no ghs files) and extract it from that file - no help.

So I Googled the issue and saw that someone fixed the problem by updating using LiveUpdate. I'm trying this now but it keeps getting to the point where it's says "Downloading Live Update for Ghost (1 of 2), complete." and then just sits there.

I really need to be able to get to this PST file - obviously its got a lot of stuff in there. I am currently running Ghost Explorer version part of Ghost Suite 2.5.

Please provide me with info on how to get to this PST or how to update my application! Thanks in advance!

Brian Meyer

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GKG's picture

Hello Brian,

Since your live update fails, please download the latest version of Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 from this location

Select the appropriate language and this would prompt for your serial number which you could find when you open your '.slf' license file using notepad.

Now dowload the latest software GSS 2.5.1 build using http download. Please do make a backup of your Ghost database using a script file by the name 'backupdb.wsf'. this script could be located in 'C:\Progam Files\Symantec\Ghost\Scripts' folder. Run the 'backupdb.wsf' ignoring the error message. This would create a GSS backup file in your My Documents.

Now install as an upgrade the downloaded version of the latest GSS 2.5.1 in your server machine. Check if the database in your Ghost Console is intact. if an issues then run the 'restoredb.wsf' script located at 'C:\Progam Files\Symantec\Ghost\Scripts' folder.

If you have some issues please let me know. I hope this solves your issue.

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I have sent a message with links to download the update directly. Let me know if that works.

Thank you,