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Can't upgrade ssim replica server after upgrade ssim master to 4.7.4

Created: 22 Oct 2013

Hi,friends! I need your help.

I use 3 SSIM servers v4.7.2 (correlation, collection1 and collection2) and i have set up replication between them. Correlation server - main server, other 2 servers is dependent. Correlation server is LDAP Master.

I upgraded all 3 servers to v4.7.3 - at first i upgraded master server and then both replica servers - all went well.

Then i upgraded master server to, but when i try to update replica server i get the following error: the ssim master directory must be upgraded first, before any SSIM Replica Directories...Exiting from the script.

Note of: when i installed 4.7.4 package on the master server at the end of the installation process i get following message: there is a an error in communicating with LDAP failure....installation of 4.7 MP4 complete.

I try to restart  master and replica servers, try to wait some time (about hour), but the installation proccess on replica server all the same fail.

Can you help me, how to fix that? what the problem with LDAP it can be? And Is it nessesary, at this situation, to destroy replication to do upgrade other 2 collection servers?

The whole procedure of the updates were strictly observed (like in documentation)!

I attached the screenshots from master and replica servers.

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