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Can't view a vault i have permissions on

Created: 29 Jan 2014 • Updated: 04 Feb 2014 | 5 comments
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I have read permissions on another user's vault but it will not show in Outlook Archive search or Archive Explorer.Tried giving read, write and delete permissions and also full mailbox permissions in Exchange but i still don't see the vault listed. Can anyone advise?

The users vault is in a provisioning group and items are being archived. It's just not showing up in Outlook Archive Search or Archive Explorer. We use Office 2010 and EV 9.0. The only other issue is this user's has 2 vaults on different EV servers.It was allowing me to view his Vault on server A but not on Server B. We removed permissions from server A but still cannot view the vault on server B no matter what. Can someone help with this?

Would really appreciate some help with this!


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Can you search that archive from the VAC when logged on as the VSA at all?

You will still need to give the VSA the Read permission to be able to search it.

Also, are both EV Servers in the same EV Site?

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The EV servers are in different sites. I am in UK but the vault i want to search is in Hong Kong. The users mailbox is also on a HK Exchange server

When logged on as the VSA i can search the archive from VAC. This is after giving the VSA read permissions on the archive.

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When you say it wont show up, do you mean you go to 'search vaults' and in the drop down that users vault does not show up as an option? Or you have the vault but when you search you get no results?

If its the former, I have noticed that I need to do a synchronization before it will pickup any new mailboxes I can view, or search. This seems like something you'd already have done but just pointing it out.

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So when you talk about sites do you mean two seperate EV Sites?
If thats the case then you would have to go to
http://yourHKServer/EnterpriseVault/ to search archives located in Hong Kong
and http://yourUKServer/EnterpriseVault/ to search archives located in the UK

One way to make it easier may be to create a Folder in Outlook and give it a homepage of the other site

So for instance in my environment, we have multiple EV sites and we move people from one site to the other from time to time, and one thing we do is create a folder called "Old Archive" with a URL to their old EV Server while their archive is being moved.

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Thanks guys, this has sorted it and was able to find the vault.