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capacity based license

Created: 04 Mar 2013 • Updated: 09 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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We are planning to purchase symantec NetBackup capacity based license (FETB). For that we want to estimate how much license we need to procure.

We have database of size 1 TB and as per Oracle team, we can expect a daily change rate of 250GB for that database. We have configured daily full backups. Considering this, how much license we have to procure in an year.

Will it be 1TB + 250*30GB*12 = 90 TB ? If that is the case, we need to purchase huge license it seems.

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Marianne's picture

Front-End Terabyte means that you need to protect 1TB on your Oracle client, regardless of amount of backups that you take.

So, you need to purchase 1TB for your Oracle client, even if you take daily full backups.

Add up one full backup for each client that you need to protect plus a small percentage for growth.

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Marianne thanks the fast response. Can you elaborate this. Lets talk about only Oracle data. My total DB size is 1 TB and daily modifications are 250GB . For the first backup NetBackup protects 1 TB and for the 2nd backup it protects 250GB (as it is a new data) and for 3rd backup it protects another 250 GB (front end terra bytes) and so on.

So to calculate the license to procure for a month I need to sum-up initial size plus 250 GBx30 ???

How much license I need to procure for my environment per month ? Becoz we see 1 TB + 250gb*30 new data at the end of month.

And one more clarifications is suppose currently I have 10 TB FETB license for my environment and the total data protected till now is 10TB. That means 10 TB license is consumed. Next month assume that total data to be protected is increase by 5 TB (as we have databases in our environment, change rate is really high and produces new data). So does this mean I need to purchase additional 5 TB license ? If that is the case I can expect high data changes for our environment each month.

Marianne's picture

You can only purchase FET license in TB increments. Best to factor in some percentage for growth up-front.

NBU will not stop working if you have purchased 10TB and grow to 15TB, but to be legally compliant, you will need to purchase another 5TB license.
50% growth in ONE month seems very high?

Talk to your local Symantec reseller and come to an agreement to maybe perform license/capacity audit every 6 months and only then generate additional purchase order.

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Ask your Oracle DBA how much growth he expects in the first year of his database. Take that number and size it to the next highest TB.

Size 1TB + 25% growth = 1.25 TB = 2 TB licenses.

Change does not = growth. We have some Oracle databases that change 50 - 70% yet only grow 10% so we back up terabytes over the year yet have increased our licensing minimally.   

The above comments are not to be construed as an official stance of the company I work for; hell half the time they are not even an official stance for me.