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"Capacity Managed" backup operation to MSDP?

Created: 23 Jan 2013 • Updated: 05 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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Having a bit of trouble managing capacity on my dedupe pool.

My thought is to create an SLP with a couple of operations - an initial backup to my MSDP and then a duplication of the image(s) to tape via a secondary operation.

Notice that there is no "Capacity Managed" option for a backup operation using an MSDP storage unit?  If I have a tape copy of an image and the MSDP hits its high water mark, will NetBackup expire old images from the MSDP automatically?  Or do I have to set an *explicit* shorter retention on the images going to the MSDP?  I'd like to keep as much as I can on the MSDP i.e. not specify a shorter retention for images on the MSDP.

Any insight would be appreciated!


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Unless something has changed, you can't use Capacity Management with PureDisk/MSDP:

It only appears to work with non-deduplicating disk storage units.

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That does make sense.  How do you manage capacity when you don't really know how much space an image takes up...?  Interesting.

So how are people generally handling their MSDP with regards to capacity?  Just picking a "reasonable" retention period for the initial backup to MSDP?


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That's how we handle our existing Data Domain appliances.  We calculated the amount of data backed up in our monthly fulls, averaged the amount of data in our incrementals, and used that to figure out how much storage that would take up.  We then estimated the change rate for the following 12, 24, & 36 months (historical data from OpsCenter would really help here, if you don't already have that), assumed a 5x dedupe rate, and purchased enough storage to get us through a year, plus a little extra.

Since we are talking MSDP, you would also have to calculate when you expect to hit the 64TB limit before having to add another MSDP and additional media server.

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Hi Mike

Couldn't understand your term "Capacity managed". De-Dupe comes in capacity bundle only For traditional model (agent based) it is offered as a-la-carte basis but still capacity is counted with respect to number of agents being protected (Double licenses)

For front end  capacity based model again it is offered as a-la-carte model. Hence Your front end capacity +DeDupe capacity will be counted.

Calculate average of 3 monthly Fulls for billing

Now for SLP, Symantec offers best here. They count only on primary copy hence you can make upto 20 copies of same data without getting charged as it's same piece of data getting duplicated.

To keep more on MSDP you have to keep shorter retention and longer on tape archive

or you can leverage AIR to duplicate it to another MSDP with longer retention and tape out with archival purpose

So PR (MSDP1) => DR (MSDP2) => DR (TAPE OUT)

Let us know if it helps