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Capturing an image from VM with VMXNET3 adapter

Created: 13 Aug 2012
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I am building a windows 7 x64 image in a VM that I want to capture and then deploy to physical machines. I have everything in the OS configured as I want it. However, when it boots in to PEx64 I dont get an IP address and the PEx64 doesnt recognize the network adapter. I'm guessing that I need to add the device driver to the Driver Management Database in DS but I do not have one and cant find one.  Has anyone else run in to this?

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Hello , Try to edit the .vmx

Hello ,

Try to edit the .vmx file that your vm uses and add the following line right after the line "Ethernet0.present = "TRUE"

ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"

Note:- Make sure the vm is turned off.

As apart from this check the following link

This might help you.

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Is it a VMware server or ESX

Is it a VMware server or ESX server on which you have client installed ?

As per your description network drivers are surely missing in the WinPE , you can even download the missing drivers form VMWare web portal.

Yogesh Sadhu.

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