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Catalog backup: full backup to vault catalog backup

Created: 18 Oct 2012 • Updated: 10 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
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I found there are two different catalog backup schedules we can select from, full backup or Vault catalog backup. Just wondering what is different between these two. They looks having very close size of data backed up.

We are on NBU7.1, the catalog backup is triggered by a vault job with "vault catalog backup" every day. we also have scheduled full and incr catalog backups everyday separately.


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Not really any difference - the vault catalog backup is simply a catalog run by vault after it has done its duplications /ejects.

You could duplicate a regular catalog backup, but this would not contain the changes made by vault when it does it's dups etc ... so for vault jobs, should contain the most up-to-date catalog backup available, and that is, one run by vault.

Simple as that ...


Regards,  Martin
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Thanks Martin.

i heard the "vault catalog backup" doesn't backup relational DBs. Is that true?

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Where do you "hear" these things??  Why would Vault Catalog backup NOT backup relational DBs?

Why not look at the different streams for the Vault Catalog backup in Activity Monitor and see for yourself what exactly is backed up?

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