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Catalog job fails

Created: 09 May 2013 • Updated: 10 May 2013 | 4 comments
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I'm using BE2012 on win2k8r2. LTO6 with barcode

I had a problem where i was not able to see a backup set i wanted to restore from tape. Somehow the catalog had got corrupted (Is this supposed to be reported by BE). So I decided to do an inventory and catalog of the media to try to recreate the catalog but this failed. I called tech support and they had me uncheck the global setting 'use storage media-based catalogs' and then had me stop BE services rename the catalogs folder to catalogs.old and then restart the services.

This is famaliar from various discussions and technotes.

The tech said that all I need to do is switch back to my old catalog folder restart the services and I will see my existing catalogs again. Long-term this not going to work

My boss really really didn't like this solution. He wants to know how we can be sure that none of the other catalogs are bad. He thinks there should be a tool to verify the integrity of the catalogs.He was thinking something along the lines of BEUtility.He also thought we should be able to merge the old catalog with the new one, or repair the existing catalog and he really wants to know why this happened.

The tech said this was not best practice and seemed to imply that this is not a big deal because typically when you need to do a restore you would inventory and catalog at that time.

But I thought that you need a catalog to know what backup sets you have on what tapes so in the case of a restore you need to have the catalog ahead of time.Otherwise you wont know which tapes to recall

Can someone help clear up this confusion?

Also can someone explain what gets saved in the database and what is saved in this 'catalogs' folder?

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The BEBD stores things like job and device definitions, job history, job schedule, media sets and media information.  There are a couple more things which I cannot recall off-hand.

The catalogs are the files which keep information on what is backed up on the media, e.g. which files or database is on which backup set on the media.  Without a catalog, BE will not know what is on th media.

BEUtility is for repairing the BEDB.  There is no equivalent utility to repair a damaged catalog.  The only way to run a catalog job on the media.

BTW, since you are using barcode labels, you don't have to do an inventory.  You can do a scan which is a lot faster.  They serve the same function, i.e., identify the media for BE.

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thanks for the information.

Is there a way to verify the integrity of the catalog?

It seems like you may not know the catalogs have gotten corrupted/damaged until you really need it (restore) and at that point you could be in real trouble because you really have to catalog every tape to know where the data is?

Am I missing something here? This seems like a really scary propositon.

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There is nothing to verify the integrity of the catalogs.  Usually, there may be one or more catalogs which become corrupted, as with any other files, but it is rare that the entire catalog directory becomes unusable. If you need to do a restore, you would usually know which media are needed and you would catalog them first.  The rest can be cataloged later.

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media information is in job history.

thanks for the help