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Catalog Media Jobs Failing when Remote Desktop Connection Closes.

Created: 17 Jan 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

So I am having a problem with finishing my catalog media.  I'm using Backup Exec 11d w/ CDP for Windows Servers.  The backup exec server is running windows 2003 server, Standard, SP1

The catalog media jobs I'm attempting to process are not completing.  I connect to the backup exec server via 'Remote Desktop Connection.'  I'll select my media to catalog and then run the jobs.  As long as I keep that RDC connection open the jobs will continue to run.  If, for some reason, I have to log out or what have you, the jobs all fail... So it's irritating because I obviously cannot stay connected to the RDC session 24/7... I thought these jobs would just run on the server, like they do on backup exec when you are not connected RDC.