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Created: 19 Jul 2013 | 10 comments


Few days back C drive of my Backup Server got full and I recognize that it is due to the catalog folder. Then I moved the catalog folder to the new location by stopping the Backup Exec services by just renaming the old catalog folder to catalog.old and moved it to the new location. After this my space issue got resovled and backup are running smooth. But today one query has come to met restore some data from the old backup which is now in the old catalog folder. So can I copy the catalog from new location to old location and catalog them back to the current to get the catalog information of last month. So if I am able to see the last month catalog on backup server then I would be able to recover the data from that catalog. I am only worried about that it should not be mixed with the current catalog data. 

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Deepraj, I am assuming that you want to restore some data that is either on your tape media or disk drives. Trying to add older catalogs backup and merging them can be tidious and if done wrong can lead to possible corruption. Also, if you dont know which catalogs files has the data you need you could again go back to square 1. All the catalogs on C drive filling the disk space.

The best way around this is to catalog the tape or the disk media which you want to restore the data from. Incase you dont know exactly which tape you are wanting to restore from then try cataloging the media from a date range.

I know this procedure is time consuming but is the best way.

Edit: As an after thought, if you have another drive on the Server that has more space, you could move the catalogs location to that drive (Tools --> option or Configuration settings -->Backup Exec settings) and have all the new and old catalogs coppied in that folder. Once this is done use the 'catrebuildindex -r' command and see if you manage to get the catalogs resynced with the backup exec database.

Note/Caution : Before performing the catalog merge, stop all BE services including SQL service and perform a backup of Data and catalog folder.

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If you are afraid of overwriting your new catalog, then you should just catalog the media that you want to restore from.

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Ill try both the ways. And for safer side ill take BESR image of the backup server. If suppose something goes wrong then i would be in a psositon to restore the server back to its working state.

Thanks for your replies.

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Easy way would to change the catalog folder location to one where u have old catalogs folder copied....
Backup exec 2012 : configuration settings | backup exec settings
Backup exec 2010 : tools | options | catalogs
Change the catalog folder location to old one restart the backup exec old catalogs should show up....however hope u have old catalogs copied to same server and not a different server....

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...the OP already mentioned successfully removing the Catalogs problems there!


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Yes I have copied the old Catalog on different drive on the same backup server. What if I do like as mentioned below:

1) Stop the Backup Services.

2) Change the Catalog folder location to the old one.

3) Start the Backup Services.

4) Now all old catalogs must be visible. So I can restore whatever the data is required to restore.

5) Stop all the Backup exec Services.

6) Change the Catalog folder location again to the new one.

7) Start all the Backup Exec services.

I just wanted to know your inputs if it runs like the way which I written above. If it works then it solves my problem as I can restore any old data from the old catalog location. 

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This will work on a temporary basis.  However, as your media gets overwritten and only the new catalog folder is updated, you will have problems using your old catalog folder.  There will be media in the old catalog folder which do not reflect its current status.

It is better to stick to one catalog folder and not switch back and forth.  Use the new catalog folder and catalog whatever media that needs to be catalog.

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Yes. You are right. Ill stick to the new catalog folder location. 

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To add to what pkh said, you already had an issue with catalogs filling your drive and having had to move them to a different location. This time make sure that once you change the Catalogs folder path, that drive has more available space so that you dont land into any such issues in the future.

Also In Tools --> Options there is a setting to truncate catalogs after XX number of days. See if you can set this value to match the retention set on your backup sets. This way, backup exec will automatically remove the catalogs which are for expried backup sets

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If you have space on drive where you have your new catalogs folder than you copy old catalogs to this new folder and run thr catrebuildindex -r and than check...however do backup your catalogs folder in case of any issue...
If space is an issue the above steps to change catalog folder location to old one would still do however make sure to change the path back to new one once restore is done

Last option would be to re catalog the media and performe restore job with it...