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Created: 19 Aug 2014 • Updated: 22 Aug 2014 | 9 comments
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We are currently not in need of restoring data however I wanted to step thru the process as we have recently redirected our backup jobs away from tape to a data domain array.  

I noticed when going to the Job Setup tab > New restore job and selecting a server/share I do not see any backups for certain jobs that I know ran successfully. I contacted Symantec who advised to run a catalog job on each of the B2D's - approx 36 per device. I now see the most recent backup job completed since the catalog job was run but do NOT see previous backup jobs. Upon calling back Symantec support the tech advised I run the command "catrebuild -r" which actually is not the correct command - should be "catrebuildindex -r".  

I would like to know when it is advised to run the caterebuildindex -r command and anything to be aware of when doing so.


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Have you seen this?

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Thanks for the help. In our case we're not actually getting an error but rather just don't see all (or any) of the backups.

Is it recommended to stop the BE services prior to running the catrebuildindex -r command?

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Yes, it's recommended to stop all BE services prior to running the catrebuildindex command.

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Just to confirm whether I should be running this command, for certain servers I see only one backup worth of data available for restore. Is there somewhere in the BE options where I can check to see if I should in fact be seeing more than just one backup job to restore? 


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The only 2 places where you can see the backup sets available for restore is the restore wizard and in the Storage tab.  For the storage tab, you got to use the joblogs to match the backup sets to each server.

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So in other words you are saying there is NOT a place in the BE options where you can set the number of backup jobs (or past date) that are available to restore from? If that's the case then how does BE know how much data to keep for restore jobs?

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It depends on how you set your retention. For example, if you retain your daily backups for 5 days then there will be 5 backup sets to restore

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Can you please advise where this retention setting exists in BE 2010 R2. I have checked thru all of the settings under Tools > Options as well as the backup job Properties settings.

Thank you

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This is the Overwrite Protection Period property of the media set that your media belongs to. Your backup job will have to target this media set

I would suggest that you read the Media Management chapter in the Admin Guide which can be found in the BE installation directory