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Catalog a tape

Created: 11 Jul 2013 | 6 comments

Presently, we are using B. Exec 2012.

I have some tapes that have data from our B. Exec 2010 days. And I was recently asked to try and recover data from 1 of those tapes. 

I successfully import the tapes into our tape library.

I then go to the "All Storage" and "All Media" section and find my tape.

Problem is:

When I select the tape and choose "Catalog" from the menu up top, i get an error in a few minutes that says:

"The job failed with the following error: The requested media is not listed in the media index and could not be mounted. To add the media's ctalog info to the disk-based catalogs, run an inventory operation onmedia and resubmit catalog operation.

Final error: 0xe0000900

Then, when I go back to look at the "Media" and the 100 tapes in our library. this particular one has a media set name of "Backup Exec and Windows NT Backup Media"

How can I inventory this tape...and then catalog it?

(Incidentally, the catalog job operation doesn't show in Job History for all servers)

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Does the inventory of the tape run successfully? you didnt mention doing so,if you have not please inventory and then catalog the media 

I hope this posting was helpful


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If this tape is part of a set of tapes, then you need to inventory the entire set of tapes before cataloging them.  You also need uncheck the request media in sequence option and use storage-based catalog option (the first 2 options in the screenshot below).

BE 2012 - Catalogs.png

If you do not want to catalog the entire set of tapes for the backup set, you can just catalog that tape.  However, there is no guarantee that the file you want to restore is on that tape.

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It appears that to Inventory a tape, I need to manually move it into a tape drive.

Once that is done, I can right click the tape drive and then the option to "inventory" becomes available.

New Problem:

I receive error when attempting to move tape from library to tape drive. I have tried both from the LCD panel of the tape library and from the GUI. Error is:

"Host application has prevented export of media from the library"

How do I get around this?

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Havent seen this behavior before.. Try stopping backup exec services and then attempting to remove the media with the LCD panel. You may also want to verify that the drivers on the tape drive are SYMC and that the drivers/firmware on the library are up to date. 

Do you see this behavior when you inventory and catalog new tapes or just with old tapes that were backed up with the previous version 

I hope this posting was helpful


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I decided to try and move a different tape into the tape drive. I was successful in moving a different tape into the tape drive. (The old tape was an L3 version magnetic tape. The newere ones are L5 version. I thought the tape library would read both tape verions). Anyway...


 Now I go to B. Exec "All Storage" interface and the tape I just moved doesn't show up as being in any tape drive (we have 4) does show up when I go to the Dell HTTP utility which is used to manage the library.

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I went to a Server that has  B. Exec 2010 installed.

I installed the Storage Device for the robotic library (After I had first turned off the Server and turned off the Tape Library and pulled 1 SAS cable from the B Exec 2012 Server)

Anyway, from B. Exec 2010 I was then able to see all slots for Robotic Library!

I see the 4 tapes needing to be inventoried.

The first 1 Inventoried fine.

But now I no longer see it in my Devices\Slotsinterface which is where I would do my catalog! (This was the tape that had the media set that said "Backup Exec and Windows NT Backup Media"

How come I can't see the tape so I can then catalog it?