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Catching up a failed optimised dedupe job?

Created: 28 Jan 2013 • Updated: 29 Jan 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I'm just wondering what happens if an optimised dedupe job fails.

E.g. A full backup runs (to local dedupe storage), with a linked job to deplucate to dedupe storage at a remote site (optimised dedupe).  The full backup completes ok, but the linked job fails.  At this point I guess there is a bunch of data missing from the remote site.

Then an incremental backup runs the next day, which also has a linked job to duplicate to the remote site.  Does this second optimised dedupe job catch up on the "missing" data from the previous day, or do I have to re-run the duplicate full backup job that failed to ensure all data is at the remote site?

Cheers, David

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Hello, The following explanation shall assist your understanding to formalize a Solution.

To transport the first set of data, use the following method and then schedule a duplicate backup job to start optimized duplication.

  1. Back up your data to disk or to tape using Backup Exec
  2. Transport the tape or disk to the destination system (CAS or MMS)
  3. On the destination, inventory and catalog the data.
  4. Create a duplicate backup job from the disk or the tape to the Deduplication storage folder.
  5. After successful completion of the duplicate backup job from the disk or the tape to the Deduplication storage folder, create an Optimized Duplicate backup job between the two servers involved

 Optimized duplication is a feature that allows the Backup Exec media server to track backups regardless of where the deduplication device may replicate them, so any Backup Exec media servers can be aware of data that lives in several places. Without optimized duplication support, Backup Exec would not be aware of copies of data and manual inventory and cataloging operation would be required. We can also set separate retention periods for the various backup sets, allowing for different retention periods for different sites. When used with appliances, optimized duplication offers improved operational efficiencies because the hardware device does the actual deduplication and off-loading of the processes from the media server.

After configuring optimized duplication with Backup Exec, you will have an onsite copy, offsite or DR copy, and a long-term-retention copy on tape.

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If you are going to quote verbatim and extensively from this document

It would be better for you to provide a link to this document.  Otherwise, people might think that you are plagarising.

In addition, how is your answer helping the user which his problem of missed optimised duplication runs?

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@davidste - No.  The optimised duplication job for the incremental backup job will not duplicate the missed full backup set because they belong to different jobs.  You would have to do a one-time duplication of the missed full backup set.

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Thanks, I thought that would be the case but I was hoping it would catch up without manual intervention (currently I'm replicating BE12.5 BKFs with homebrew scripts and it just catches up anything partially or not copied)

Cheers, David