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CCS 10 Upgrade

Created: 23 Jun 2010 | 8 comments

I wanted to inquire as to whether anyone has had a successful upgrade to CCS 10.  Please let me know.


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I haven't upgraded our systems yet . the Upgrade from 8.6 to 9 was horrible as it lost a ton of functionality that we were using (tiered dashboards, novell support etc). From what I've learned and read in teh documentation so far that shouldn't be the case with 10. That said one of the big reasons I would want to upgrade turned out not to exists....web dashboards for custom teired dashboards is not supported. For some reason the tiered dashboards always lag fact they weren't even supported until 9.01 I believe.

We're also looking at ccs-vm which may require us to move to version 10.0 so that we can import the data as 3rd party evidence for use with the dashboard system

If we dont' got to ccs-vm then I probably won't upgrade to version 10 until Q1 of 2011

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WOuld like to know your expeience.  I have the same issues from 8.6 to 9.  willing to take the plunge in 2 weeks.


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we upgraded from 9 to 10 not too long ago. It was pretty smooth though that stated we were not using any policies or standards to migrate. That was  a step we did not have to worry about

The only item I had a problem with was the upgrade of the ECS whichwasn't a big deal. we have only six QE's so I removed then re-installed the QE's in our production area and testing area to finish the installation

Now the CCS_Web part took some doing. Although it appeared to me in teh documents and was mentioned when I called support...I did not have to have SSL setup for the ccs_website. I DID need to make sure that each the application and certificate server inmy distributed setup were trusted for delegation..not just the account I use with the system.

Other than that it was smooth...minor bumps nothing too serrious. A LOT easier than going from 8 to 9

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Yes, we upgrade the CCS from 9.0.1 to 10.0 and its working

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was it just the executiable run?    8.6 to 9  was not worth it and do not want to go thru that again.

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CCS 9.0 upwards has more features - Yeah I agree that the upgrade might have not gone as per your expectations - However its best you move to CCS 10.5 - Symantec's new offering

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Do you need to be on the 2010-3 level or can you go right from 10.0 to 10.5?

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You can upgrade the RMS data collection from the following release versions of
the Control Compliance Suite:

■ CCS 9.0.1
■ CCS 9.0.1 with any update For example, CCS 9.0.1 with 2010 -1 Update.
■ CCS 10.0
■ CCS 10.0 with any update For example, CCS 10.0 with 2010 -3 Update.