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CCS 10 Web Console Roadmap?

Created: 16 Nov 2010 • Updated: 16 Nov 2010 | 2 comments

Can anyone tell me what the roadmap for improvements to the web console is?  It looks like it is a good start but there are some things that it is lacking. 

  • Overall better filtering/sorting capabilites on all levels of screens.
  • Actually seeing the evidence by asset as to why a particular check did not pass.  From what I can tell you can only see what the check is and that it failed....not "why" it failed on a particular asset. 
  • When you click on a "Results Summary" number denoting the number of assets that failed (or passed...or unknown, etc) it goes to a screen with ALL the statuses and assets and you have to scroll thru and find the good/bad/unknown. etc.  It would be nice to show just what you are wanting to see.
  • When setting filters in the query dialog when setting up a panel, the "Operators" are not always consistent.  For example, sometimes when you are trying to filter on "Check Name" the choices for Operator is "is equal/is not equal" only and other times it is "contains/not contains, is equal/is not equal , starts with/doesnt start with, etc".  Also, there is a bug in the drop down list on large lists (Exceeded List Limit)
  • If you have extended the asset schema, let those new fields through to the web console so you can filter on them in the query dialog as well as show them in the report page so you can filter/sort there too.
  • Allow the check formula through so it is visible in the web console.  Currently the only way you can see it is to cut/paste it into the Description field in the check.

I am sure there are other improvements to the console that could be done.  If you have any, make them heard.  The web console is a powerful tool and needs to be a strong piece of the product.


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Kevin_K's picture

Michael - You may want to post some of this in the Ideas function though truth be told I can't say that I've seen much ativity in there from Symantec.

I asked them about improvements to the dshboards at one point because we use tiered dashboards and I want those to be viewable on the web console. I know they're looking at moving away from a client installation and to the dashboards (if I remember correctly).  I am waiting to see any word on teh sp4 for this year but haven't seen too much yet..I'd like to start seeing more improvements to the web consle as well...those are good suggestions you have listed

Michael J Fitzpatrick's picture

Thanks for the suggestion Kevin.  I put a copy of it in the Ideas section.

Is this what you are looking for the sp4?  I've not installed them yet but from reading it appears little if anything was done with the dashboards. 

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