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CCS 11 & AD/File Share permissions reporting

Created: 10 Oct 2013 | 4 comments

We are attempting to discover what permissions/rights a specific non person/service account has in AD and on the File Systems in our environment.

Does anyone know if  ESM RBC 11 (which in my understanding it the product that once was BindView client-less reporting for eDirectory and AD) will determine what access a specific account has to the domain and file servers and I thought this tool may have some capabilities to report on this.  In eDirectory/Netware, BindView would give me exactly such a report.  I do fully understand that eDirectory and Active Directory are not structured at all the same.

I am also wondering if ESM, agent based technology, has any reporting capabilities for the Microsoft environment.

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Matt Plourde's picture

I'm not aware of a way to do this with CCS queries (which is actually the Bindview technology, not ESM).

There is a way to do it with a Query, some SQL work, and EDI... but that's hardly OOB. Sorry!

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if you still have a need to look at eDirectory (NDS) and Active Directory, then CCS 10.5 can do most of what you are looking to do.  It is still takes a lot of work to determine what is required.   We have the Security: file System Effective and Security: File System data sources in Windows.  The permissions in eDirectory were a bit more straight forward. You can also do group queries on Windows machines and enumerate "Effective Group Membership"  which will recursively find all users that are effective members of a local group (by expanding any nested groups).  If you were able to use Bindview to do it previously, then CCS 10.5 Data Collection is basically the same interface.  The CCS 11 does not support the eDirectory and also has limited functionality with Windows based queries.

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Thank you for responding. I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. I dont believe I was notified of your response.

If I understand what you are saying. I am able to get AD info in 10.5 but I lose that functionality in 11?

Thanks again.

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Can anyone from Symantec tell us why CCS v11 Queries are so limited ffunctionality with Windows based queries compared to The RMS queries in 10.5.x?  When will this functionality be brought back into v11?

Finding more and more limitations in v11 Windows based Queries everyday that I am trying to recreate my 10.5.1 queries in v11.