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CCS 11 VMWare sizing guide

Created: 13 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
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Is there any guide for CCS V11 running on VMWARE?


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I've found you want to use basically the same req's as physical. Your app server is the most critical. I've found somewhere around:

4-8 procs, 12+ GB RAM

Obviously, your mileage may vary (deployment size, console/web users, etc)

I've seen many deployments with less than this, and it's obvious.

For managers, you can easily go lower.

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For some other Symantec products, the sizing guide mention: there is 20-30% performance decrease if running on VM, how come CCS doesn't have this issue?

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on VMs the IO process would be high hence assuming 20-30% lesser performance than physical machines.

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thanks for your info. that means still take into consideration. why no VMWare guide for CCS? Many other products have

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There are some VMWare guidelines on page 95 of the CCS v11 Planning & Deployment guide.