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ccsvchst.exe preventing Windows 8 from entering sleep mode

Created: 12 May 2013 | 2 comments

ccsvchst.exe is preventing Windows 8 from entering sleep model. I use "powercfg -requests" to determine that this application is preventing the computer from entering sleep mode. I can manually force sleep mode. This file seems to stop preventing Windows 8 from entering sleep mode sometimes right after an update to the operating system. Can somebody give me a fix to keep ccsvchst.exe from preventing Windows 8 from entering sleep mode?


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Mithun Sanghavi's picture


By default, In SEP 12.1 RU2, scheduled scan peformance options (in Scan Options, Advanced) are set to "Best Application Peformance".  When you configure a scan with this setting, scans will start but they only run when the client computer is idle. You can change this for faster scan performance,  but user applications may run slower while the scan runs.

For SEP 12.1, killing ccSvcHst.exe process would stop the Active Scan. 

NOTE: You need to disable tamper protection (if enabled)

Hope that helps!!

Mithun Sanghavi
Senior Consultant

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What is Scan: An operation that detects all resources visible to an explorer through either an in-band connection or a device manager. A CommandCentral Storage operator can initiate the scan operation through the Console. A scan is also performed routinely whenever an in-band explorer executes.

SEP 12.1 Advance scan features:

SEPM policies--->Virus and Spyware protection policy---> Edit the policy ---> Administrator defined scans ---> administrator on demand scan settings ---> scan details ---> Advance scanning options

Check this article for more details:

SEP 12.1 & Advance Scanning

Chetan Savade
Sr.Technical Support Engineer, Endpoint Security
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